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Latest CS Stories Movie update

2008-10-15 00:20:56 by doogy300

I know it's been a while since the last update about the upcoming project. A lot of the animation has been completed, just so you know. Making it over 30 minutes is a tough one, and I doubt it's actually that long. I'll do a time test on it when I've finished with the credits.

I'd like to put a thanks to for their help. It's a forum about flash stuff. Share ideas, talk about flash stuff, and spam! Oh, how we love to spam. Anyone can join.

For those who are anxiously waiting for Flash Advanced Tutorial, that's also coming along, but might take a while longer than CS Stories Movie. I'm not really getting paid for this, ya know.

Still need voices...

2007-08-10 05:17:05 by doogy300

Still looking for voices for the remake I'm working on for CS Stories.
Please, anyone out there with a good voice and a decent microphone
contact me! There's more information on the CS Stories main page.

On a (late) side note, the new facelift Newgrounds has received is really
looking awesome. It is more helpful, way more cooler looking, and
it proves that Newgrounds is really on the grow. A good idea to help
out: go advertise for Newgrounds! Put the link on your MySpace account,
on your blogs, on forums, whatever. Let's continue our dedication by getting
more traffic to NG.